What is "Infoaxia"?

Infoaxia, inc. is a consulting firm in Japan specialising in web accessibility. This year is the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Infoaxia. "Info" means "information" in English, and "axia" means "value" in Greek. "Infoaxia" means "The information cannot be valuable without its accessibility". This is our concept.

"Infoaxia" at CSUN 2014

CSUN tweetup 2014

Infoaxia will be sponsoring CSUN Tweetup 2014. Infoaxia has been one of the sponsors every year since the 1st Tweetup. The tweetup will be held Thursday, March 20th at 6:30pm in the Seaport H room at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Accessibility is the Web.

Photo of bike jersey which reads - Accessibility is the Web. Perceivable? Operable? Understandable? Robust?

Accessibility is about all of the people who are accessing the web - users who are using PCs, tablets, smart phones, mobile phones, TVs, game consoles and/or various types of assistive technologies. It is to make web content more accessible to many more users, many more situations and many more ways of accessing web.

In Japan, we have "JIS X 8341-3", which is a web accessibility guideline, as a national standard in Japan. Makoto Ueki(Infoaxia, Inc.) has been contributing the standardization of the web accessibility. The organizations he has contributed include:


Infoaxia helps the corporate websites to enhance their accessibility from the awareness to the practice.

  • Evaluate your website accessibility.
  • Conduct user testing with elderly people and people with disabilities.
  • Establish the web content accessibility policy/guidelines for your organization.
  • Train the staff through the in-house custom-made trainings.
  • Provide the effective tools.
  • Deliver web accessibility seminars.

About JIS X 8341-3

Unfortunately, English version of JIS X 8341-3 is not available. The standard was updated in August 2010 by harmonizing with WCAG 2.0. It has the same 4 principles, 12 guidelines, and 3 levels of 61 Success Criteria from WCAG 2.0. "International harmonization" is one of our important missions.


Infoaxia, Inc.

Makoto UEKI

Web Accessibility Consultant. Chairman of WAIC (Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee in Japan). Participated in JIS X 8341-3:2010 working group, JIS X 8341-3:2004 working group and W3C WCAG working group.


Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee

WAIC stands for "Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee". It is an organization which is designed to develop the infrastructure for JIS X 8341-3:2010 conformance.

Makoto Ueki (Infoaxia, Inc.) has been the chairman of WAIC since October 2012.

Podcast & Mail Magazine

Accessibility Central - AccSell

Makoto Ueki (Infoaxia, Inc.) has been joining "AccSell". AccSell presents the podcast and the mail magazine to web professionals in Japan. Makoto is talking about web accessibility on the podcast and is writing a series of articles on JIS X 8341-3:2010 in the mail magazine.

Localization of Tools(WAT-C)

Infoaxia has localized the following WAT-C tools into Japanese:

  • Web Accessibility Toolbar for IE
  • Colour Contrast Analyser


Infoaxia has translated the useful books/resources into Japanese such as:

Web Accessibility: Web Standards And Regulatory Compliance

amazon.com: Web Accessibility: Web Standards And Regulatory Compliance

Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines

Japanese translation of Research-Based Web Design and Usability Guidelines